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Student Number 93431031
Author Ya-Ling Wang(王雅玲)
Author's Email Address lumiere29@gmail.com
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Department Executive Master of Business Administration
Year 2007
Semester 2
Degree Master
Type of Document Master's Thesis
Language zh-TW.Big5 Chinese
Title Portable Navigation Device Industry in New Perspective for Analysis─After the Model of Major Brands Worldwide
Date of Defense 2008-05-15
Page Count 130
  • GPS
  • PND
  • Abstract This research carries on analysis to portable navigation business, inquiring into the major brands of business strategy among the industry. Analyze aspects in the PND business, aim at its environment, developing condition, developing objects and the trend in the future etc. Adopting method of the industrial strategic matrix to carry on related analysis, and systematically identifying and describing the industry environment, condition and objects of each stage. Try to link results with those major brands’ business strategy. Secondly, to inquire into the major brands’ business strategy in the industry by case study. Investigate the first three major brands’ outlook among the PND industry to obtain the factors on how they evaluate their condition and make use of their own resources to achieve their strategic objects. Furthermore , to induce and analyze from their business strategy with current running results. Through the above-mentioned analysis, the purpose lies in the strategy given mjore find-outs and factors which made to succeed in conducting in the industry, and expects to provide the other PND makers draw up with the run strategy for reference in the coming future.
    Tidy up several research detections after carrying on analysis to the industry and the individual cases providing as below the strategy policies of the PND makers. : 1. Key technology and key components such as digital map are the Key success factor of PND business. 2. Sotware developing capability and innovation technogly are the key success factor in differentiating among the other competitor in PND industry. 3.The cost leadership is the key success factor of the PND business .4. Vertical integration degree impacts the competitiveness in PND business.
    There are not many researches inquiring into PND business for the time being. This research is the first one that to make use of the strategy matrix to carry on PND business. It provides the outlook of PND industry with more detailed description and the integrity of PND business.
    Table of Content 論文摘要I
    第一章 緒論1
    第一節 研究背景1
    第二節 研究動機4
    第三節 研究目的5
    第二章 文獻探討7
    一、 可攜式導航裝置產品之定義7
    二、 可攜式導航裝置產品之分類7
    三、 PND與衛星定位導航結構10
    第二節 產業分析12
    一、 產業定義及分類12
    二、 產業分析之內涵12
    三、 產業分析之方法13
    1. 產業結構五力模型分析法13
    2. 產業價值鏈分析法14
    3. 產業矩陣分析法15
    4. 本研究產業分析之方法17
    第三節 事業經營策略分析18
    一、 策略定義及層級18
    1. 策略定義18
    2. 策略層級19
    二、 策略規劃之程序及內涵20
    1. 策略規劃之程序20
    2. 策略規劃之內涵24
    三、 事業策略之發展與選擇25
    1. 競爭策略發展25
    2. 產業環境與競爭策略發展27
    3. 策略矩陣分析法28
    四、 本研究經營策略分析之方法30
    第四節 PND 經營策略相關研究31
    第三章 研究設計33
    第一節 研究架構33
    第二節 研究流程34
    第三節 研究方法35
    第四節 研究對象與資料蒐集37
    第四章 可攜式導航裝置前三大品牌分析39
    第一節 可攜式導航裝置(PND)產業之概況39
    一、 PND產業興起源由39
    二、 PND市場發展現況40
    第二節 PND產業之產業矩陣49
    一、 經營流程分析49
    二、 產業價值鏈分析50
    1. 產出部份50
    2. 投入部份50
    三、 產業策略矩陣56
    1. 產出部份56
    2. 投入部份64
    第五章 全球可攜式導航設備(PND)大廠策略分析77
    第一節 神達電腦自有品牌MIO77
    一、 神達 Mio 的現況:77
    二、 神達Mio的沿革:78
    三、 應用策略矩陣分析法剖析神達電腦87
    四、 經營策略構想--策略矩陣88
    第二節 TOMTOM93
    一、 TomTom的現況與沿革93
    二、 應用策略矩陣分析法剖析TomTom:99
    三、 經營策略構想–策略矩陣101
    第三節 台灣航電GARMIN105
    一、 Garmin 的現況與沿革105
    二、 經營策略構想──策略矩陣113
    第六章 結論與建議117
    第一節 研究發現及命題發展117
    第二節 對個案公司未來發展經營策略之建議121
    一、 神達—Mio121
    二、 TomTom122
    三、 Garmin123
    第三節 研究貢獻125
    第四節 後續研究建議126
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  • James Lin(林明杰)
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    Date of Submission 2008-06-25

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