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Student Number 93426018
Author Pei-Chi Ko(柯珮崎)
Author's Email Address No Public.
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Department Graduate Institute of Industrial Management
Year 2005
Semester 2
Degree Master
Type of Document Master's Thesis
Language zh-TW.Big5 Chinese
Title 以近似法求解季節性商品之最佳定價
Date of Defense 2006-06-27
Page Count 55
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Reservation prices
  • Seasonal goods
  • Yield management
  • Abstract In this paper we studies optimal pricing strategies for seasonal goods in retail stores. We model the situation of a store that must sell a product within fixed period time. The main assumptions that determine the pricing policy in our paper are the finite planning horizon, the perishability of the products, and the fact that, after deciding the initial inventory, the cost of the goods is a sunk cost. On the other hand, the salvage value of the unsold units is zero after the selling horizon. Practically, in the fashion industry early adopters are, in general, willing to pay higher price than those that buy toward the end of the season. In the paper We present the two point of the optimal pricing model and three point of the optimal pricing model in the section three and four. We use the periodic pricing review policies as a benchmark against which we compare more convenient and easier models that consider simplifying solving process. We show that the initial pricing and the expecting profit of the models we presenting. We also compare the difference and effect when implementing the model we presenting instead of periodic pricing review policies. The purpose of the paper is using the object function of the he periodic pricing review policies as the foundation to present the simple and easy solving process for retailers to use. We expect the large difference obtain between these policies is unnoticed.
    Table of Content 目錄I
    第一章  緒論1
    第二章  文獻探討8
    2.1產出管理(Yield Management)8
    2.2.1有限組合的定價(Finite set of price)9
    2.2.2最大化價格變動次數(Maximum number of price changes)10
    2.2.4聯合定價限制式(Joint Price Contraints)11
    2.2.5考量成本的定價(Cost-Based Pricing)12
    2.4保留價格(reservation prices)15
    第三章  模型與求解步驟17
    第四章  數值模擬分析30
    Reference 劉曉蕾(2002),考量替代效果下之最佳訂價決策-應用在娛樂表演性質產業,國立中央大學工業管理研究所碩士論文。
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    Date of Submission 2006-07-18

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