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Student Number 89322109
Author Chi-Jou Kao(高啟洲)
Author's Email Address No Public.
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Department Civil Engineering
Year 2001
Semester 2
Degree Master
Type of Document Master's Thesis
Language zh-TW.Big5 Chinese
Title Retrofitting of Non-Ductile Reinforced Concrete Interior Beam-Column Joints
Date of Defense 2002-07-05
Page Count 156
  • Joint
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Retrofit
  • Abstract This experiment was mostly aimed at the feasibility of retrofitting non-ductile and low-strength interior beam-column joint by Concrete Jacketing and Steel Jacketing, and a discussion was made through the differences in stiffness, ductility, and joint shear degradation between benchmark and retrofitted specimen.
    In the respect of ductility and energy absorption, JI2 Concrete Jacketing and JI4 Steel Jacketing schemes could both prevent benchmark from unexpected joint shear failure before beam plastic hinges developed and respectively upgraded its own ductility by 30% and 77%. However, both JI2 and JI4 specimen’s failure modes are joint shear failure at the end of the test, and their retrofitted ductility did not reach 4, which is the target of our retrofitting scheme. Therefore, further research is needed.
    Finally, according to the discussed behavior of joint shear degradation, we provided beam-column joint retrofitting scheme recommendations, which can be referenced for further research on beam-column joint retrofitting in Taiwan.
    Table of Content 目錄
    第一章 緒論
    1.1 研究動機
    1.2 研究目的與範圍
    第二章 文獻回顧
    2.3 Hakuto之剪力衰減模式
    第三章 實驗規劃與執行
    3.3.1 JI1原型試體
    3.3.2 JI2高強度混凝土擴柱補強試體
    3.3.3 JI3普通強度混凝土擴柱補強試體
    3.3.4 JI4鋼板補強試體
    第四章 試驗結果
    4.1 JI1原型試體分析
    4.1.1 JI1載重-位移關係
    4.1.2 JI1接頭剪力變形及梁主筋應力
    4.2 JI2高強度混凝土擴柱補強試體分析
    4.2.1 JI2載重-位移關係
    4.2.2 JI2接頭剪力變形及梁主筋應力
    4.3 JI3普通強度混凝土擴柱補強試體分析
    4.3.1 JI3載重-位移關係
    4.3.2 JI3接頭剪力變形及梁主筋應力
    4.4 JI4鋼板補強試體分析
    4.4.1 JI4載重-位移關係
    4.4.2 JI4接頭剪力變形及梁主筋應力
    第五章 分析與討論
    第六章 結論與建議

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  • Yung-Chin Wang(王勇智)
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    Date of Submission 2002-07-11

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