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Student Number 87323111
Author Yu-Hsien Kuo(郭育賢)
Author's Email Address No Public.
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Department Mechanical Engineering
Year 1999
Semester 2
Degree Master
Type of Document Master's Thesis
Language zh-TW.Big5 Chinese
Title The CAD model reconstruction and inspection of reverse engineering technology for the propellers
Date of Defense 2000-07-10
Page Count 132
  • coordinate measurement
  • propeller inspection
  • propellers
  • reverse engineering
  • Abstract Applying reverse engineering techniques to reconstruct the CAD models is an important part of product development. By that we can get some experiences about the techniques of product design and manufacturing. The development of propeller inspection techniques can not only provide the data points of the same radius of blade section, but also increase the efficiency of propeller inspection. This work focused on the development of an integrated approach, by combining three-dimensional digitization, reverse engineering and CAD/CAM technology, for the reconstruction of complete CAD models. Besides, applying propeller inspection techniques to get the blade data. With the blade data we can calculate the parameters of the propeller blade and evaluate the shape error of each blade.This work describes the approaches of 3-D coordinate measurement and CAD model reconstruction. Applying the equal radius inspection approach to get digitalized propeller blade information, and performing mathematical calculations to evaluate the blade section parameters.
    Table of Content 目錄中文摘要I英文摘要II誌謝III目錄IV圖目錄VII表目錄X第一章 緒論11.1 前言11.2 文獻回顧51.2.1 葉片逆向工程技術51.2.2 葉片檢測技術71.3 研究方法71.3.1 三次元量測規劃81.3.2 葉片逆向工程101.3.3 螺槳葉片參數分析方法發展101.4 論文架構12第二章 螺槳葉片逆向工程重建技術132.1 前言132.2 三次元量測流程142.3 曲面量測路徑規劃182.4 探頭半徑補正242.5 點資料延伸302.6 多組曲面邊界G1連續嵌合322.7 吸力、壓力面與尖端曲面之連續嵌合342.8 輪轂旋轉曲面嵌合382.9 Pro/E與逆向工程整合40第三章 螺槳葉片葉型量測與參數分析443.1 前言443.2 葉片幾何外型定義453.3 葉片參數定義473.4 座標系設定533.5 等半徑截面曲線量測543.5.1 等半徑曲線初量測553.5.2 等半徑曲線精量測553.6 葉片分析流程593.6.1 三維表示法轉換為二維表示法613.6.2 定義Generator line及轉換653.6.3 前緣及後緣尖端搜尋663.6.4 弦拱搜尋及厚度分布673.6.5 求得各個參數值713.7 葉型輪廓誤差分析743.8 結論76第四章 軟體架構與範例結果774.1 前言774.2 三次元量測804.3 逆向工程曲面CAD模型重建824.3.1 點資料延伸884.3.2 多組曲面G1連續嵌合884.3.3 吸力、壓力面與頂蓋曲面G1連續嵌合904.3.4 輪轂旋轉曲面嵌合954.3.5 Pro/E與逆向工程整合1034.4 等半徑曲線量測1044.5 葉片參數分析實例1084.6 討論120第五章 結論與未來展望1265.1 結論1265.2 未來展望128參考文獻130
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  • Jiing-Yih Lai(賴景義)
  • Files
  • 87323111.pdf
  • approve immediately
    Date of Submission 2000-07-10

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