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Student Number 87323094
Author Xung-Kuan Yu(余宣魁)
Author's Email Address No Public.
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Department Mechanical Engineering
Year 1999
Semester 2
Degree Master
Type of Document Master's Thesis
Language zh-TW.Big5 Chinese
Title 預塗表面對旋轉塗佈的影響
Date of Defense 2000-07-17
Page Count 100
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  • 平行流
  • 熱傳
  • 稀薄氣體
  • 蒙地卡羅
  • Abstract none
    Table of Content 摘要i
    1-2稀薄氣體( dilute gas )定義3
    第二章 直接模擬蒙地卡羅法 9
    2-1DSMC原理及應用 9
    2-3起始條件( Initial Condition )13
    2-4邊界條件( Boundary Condition )14
    2-5碰撞對( Collision Pair )的選擇16
    5-1 使用軟體與計算時間 30
    5-2超極音速稀薄氣體自由流混合層之性質 31
    5-3 超極音速稀薄氣體自由流熱量的傳輸 35
    5-4 紊性熱量傳遞與分子熱量傳遞比較 35
    5-5混合層各級一點脈動機率密度函數 38
    5-6與連性紊流混合層的比較 45
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  • Fu-Chu Chou(周復初)
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    Date of Submission 2000-07-17

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