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Student Number 87322093
Author Tien-Hsiang Ke(柯天祥)
Author's Email Address No Public.
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Department Civil Engineering
Year 1999
Semester 2
Degree Master
Type of Document Master's Thesis
Language zh-TW.Big5 Chinese
Title 知識庫專家系統於橋梁目視檢測之應用
Date of Defense 2000-06-18
Page Count 67
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Bridge Inspection
  • Expert System
  • Abstract The major objective of bridge maintenance lies in maintaining structural security and serviceability of the bridge during its life cycle. One of the maintenance tasks is inspection of the bridge in order to assess its condition. Inspection via sight is one of the economical means to perform the assessment task. However, such inspection may have various results due to various knowledge, training, and experiences of the inspectors. The various inspection results may then produce distribution of maintenance budgets on a wrongful basis.
    This research focuses on developing a knowledge-based expert system that assists in performing inspection of bridges via sight. The knowledge base is built based on an evaluation methodology called D.E.R. and knowledge from experts who use the methodology for inspection. The developed system performs three major tasks: (1) generating inspection bridge items based on the user input bridge information; (2) generating inspection results of the items; and (3) printing the results. The system assists an inspector in such a way that errors and biases are reduced to a minimum level. The system also suggests maintenance actions and estimates maintenance costs that are helpful to the administration personnel.
    Table of Content 第一章 緒論
    1.1 前言
    1.2 研究動機
    1.3 研究目的
    1.4 研究範圍
    1.5 研究流程
    1.6 論文架構
    第二章 文獻回顧
    2.1 橋梁檢測
    2.1.1 橋梁檢測方法
    2.1.2 橋梁目視檢測
    2.2 橋梁檢測評估方法
    2.2.1 D.E.R.評估方法
    2.2.2 橋梁評估指標
    2.2.3 其他評估方法
    2.3 電腦系統應用於橋梁檢測
    2.3.1 預力混凝土橋梁診斷系統
    2.3.2 其他相關研究
    2.3.3 小結
    第三章 系統架構
    3.1 系統架構說明
    3.2 系統輸入與輸出
    3.2.1 系統輸入
    3.2.2 系統輸出
    3.3 系統之物件分類
    3.3.1 橋梁項目物件
    3.5 劣化情況指標(D、E、R、U)
    3.5.1 記錄方式
    3.5.2 計算方式
    第四章 系統開發及操作
    4.2 系統操作
    4.2.1 專案資訊建立
    4.2.2 逐跨構件資料輸入
    4.2.3 檢測作業執行
    4.2.4 報表輸出
    4.3 系統驗證
    4.3.1 系統知識庫
    4.3.2 系統實用性
    第五章 結論與建議
    附錄A 一般目視檢測評估及狀況報告表
    附錄B 法則之程式碼範例
    附錄C 系統輸出檢測評估報告表
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  • Nie-Jia Yau(姚乃嘉)
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  • 87322093.pdf
  • approve immediately
    Date of Submission 2000-06-18

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