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Student Number 85323045
Author Te-Chun Yang(wv)
Author's Email Address No Public.
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Department Mechanical Engineering
Year 1997
Semester 2
Degree Master
Type of Document Master's Thesis
Language zh-TW.Big5 Chinese
Date of Defense
Page Count 69

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Abstract The purpose of this project is to elevate the performance of comventional aluminum alloys by cotrolling the microstructure in advanced process, such as ultra-fine grained structure, texture...etc. So that, they possess not only high performance but also high recyclability .The influences to mechanical properties had be investigated by the means of optical microscope(OM), transmission electron microscope(TEM), tensile test and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC).   From the results, the grain size of material after symmetry rolling had been significantly reduced while increasimg the rolling reduction. When rolling reduction was more than 75%, the grain size had trend of growing larger. The grain size was not remarkably decreased when the materials were immersed at extra low temperature and rolled then. The influence of small grain size on mechanical properties of AA5052 alloy was positive but that of AA6061 was ineffective.
  By shear rtolling approach, the larger rolling speed ratio set, the finer the grain sizes bceame. In respect to the improvement of mechanical properties, the strength of AA5052 alloy was the highest by using shear rolling with triple rolling speed diffetence, and superior than the performance processing under ambient or extra low temperature citcumstance. AA6061alloy also got beeter strength under the same condition, but was not the best.
  The grain size was rematkably reduced when the plastic deformation was induced at very low temperature (~77k^during the whole procedures.
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