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Student Number 85222012
Author Chang-Liang Pan(潘俊良)
Author's Email Address No Public.
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Department Physics
Year 1997
Semester 2
Degree Master
Type of Document Master's Thesis
Language zh-TW.Big5 Chinese
Title Light emission from a al target at oxygen pressure during ion beam sputtering
Date of Defense 0000-00-00
Page Count 53

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Abstract The intensities of optical lines from excited sputtering atoms
under Arion bombardment of Al target have been measured as a
funtion of oxygen partial pressure.Al I lines are found to be
quite sensitive to the presence of O2 about0.00001 torr.About
0.00001 torr light intensities tend to fall with
increasingoxygen pressure. The beam_off transients of Al I lines
at different oxygen coverages are also studied.From the pressure
and time dependence of Al I spectral lines,the sputtering yield
of adsorbed oxygen atoms on the Al surface isdetermind;the value
is found to be close to unity for 10 and 20 Kev ion bombardment.
Table of Content 摘要 I
目錄 II
圖目錄 III
表目錄 VI
第一章 緒論 1
1.1 簡介 1
1.2 各章摘要 2
第二章 基本原理 4
2.1 濺射粒子的產生形式 4
2.2 濺射粒子產生光輻射的成因 6
2.3 影響光子產生率的因子 6
第三章 實驗設備與實驗步驟 8
3.1 實驗設備 8
3.1-1 離子源系統 (Ion Source System) 8
3.1-2 聚焦系統 (Focusing System) 9
3.1-3 真空系統 (Vacuum System) 9
3.1-4 電磁鐵 (Analyzing Electromagnet) 9
3.1-5 光源偵測系統 (Opitical Detection System) 10
3.1-6 資料收集處理系統 (Data Acquistion System) 11
3.2 系統誤差 11
3.3 實驗步驟 12
3.3-1 準備實驗階段 13
3.3-2 正式實驗階段 14
第四章 實驗結果與討論 19
4.1 譜線分析 19
4.1-2 入射離子的能量對金屬表面覆蓋氧氣的影響 25
第五章 結論 27
參考資料 52
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