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Student Number 84322079
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Department Civil Engineering
Year 1996
Semester 2
Degree Master
Type of Document Master's Thesis
Language zh-TW.Big5 Chinese
Title Good Quality Study For Engineering
Date of Defense
Page Count 166

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Abstract Quality in our construction work has long been criticized by the
public, which gives a feeling that the cost do not really match
the actual quality. What happens during the construction stage
is a main factor. However, what is done during the design stage
is even more of an important factor. But this has ordinarily
been overlooked. Thus, the author is making an in-depth study
from the standpoint of the clients, designers, as well as the
contractors about the quality issue. So as to develop a new
quality control method from the basic changes to practical
operation, aiming to improve the construction quality and
enhance the competitiveness.Good quality(GQ) is a change of way
of thinking in management. It's idea and promotion is firstly to
make quality a habit in work, then transform it into a fact of
life, so as to re-establish the direction in quality through
basic improvement in the business.In this work, questionnaires
to the contractors and visiting to the consulting firms,
architectures, professional engineers, clients and investors
have been made to understand the present condition of quality
and bottlenecks in construction management. These are combined
with the essence of TQM and ISO9000 and assisted with the
author's years of experience for the establishment of a quality
control system suitable for domestic construction - "Good
Quality(GQ)".This is to provide the business another way of
thinking to improve the present condition in quality with
practical operating methods, so as to lower the cost and shorten
the duration for construction, improving their competitiveness
for the challenge of an opened market.
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