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Student Number 79122004
Author Zhong-Bin Yang(楊忠斌)
Author's Email Address No Public.
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Department Graduate Institute of Philosophy
Year 1993
Semester 2
Degree Master
Type of Document Master's Thesis
Language zh-TW.Big5 Chinese
Date of Defense 0000-00-00
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Abstract According to Langer, an aesthetician should elucidate the artistic terminology. So she analyzed mcticulously such important terminology like: express、creation、import、intuiation、semblance、feeling、form. The whole analysis directed towards "symbols", which are exactly the privotal idea of Langer's aesthetics. following Cassirer, Langer held that art is human symbol activity and is human feeling expressed in symbol. Besides languages, she thought that art also has its meanings and logic. She called the former "discursive symbol", the latter "presentational symbol". Langer took wittgenstein's "logical picture theory" to help elucidate her logic: Because language and the reality have their common logical form, languages thus can depict the reality. So is art. How it can express human emotions is because it shares the same logical form with them. The "presentational symbol" is grounded logically on the "isomophism" Furthermore, Langer had proposed 3 criteria so as to discriminate the two symbols:
1.Art presents its elements in a simultaneously way, which languages does in a successive way.
2.Languages have their fixed vocabulary and grammar. They can be translate and can communicate generality. But it is not the case with art.
3.Languages have denotation and connotation, art just only has connotation.
The demonstrations of these three criteria constiture Langer's "semantics of art".
This dissertation is of two parts. The first part is the introduction of Langer's Symbolism of Art, and on the premise of which, some key points concerning symbols are being redefined. Starting by telling signals from symbols, we go further into the distinction between discursive symbol and presentational symbol. In the 4th section, we come to the subject matter of Symbolism of Art. The second part is about the criticisms and the reflections of Langer's Symbolism of Art. The work is aimed at the logic and the semantics regarding symbols. First we clarify a possible out the difficulties which will likely appear of Langer's theory. We also explore the semantics part in her theory. The 3 criteria which differentiate languages froma rt are being explored as well in the second part. After considering the above mentioned and examinating Langer's own revision, the conclusion is drawn at last.
Table of Content 第一章 導論 1
第一節 研究範圍與主旨 1
第二節 問題的提出 4
【註釋】 8
第二章 論述性符號與呈顯性符號-朗格的藝術符號論 15
第一節 前言 15
第二節 信號與符號 16
第三節 論述性符號與呈顯性符號 20
(3.1) 語言與藝術的根源 20
(3.2) 語言與藝術的區別 24
第四節 藝術的符號論 30
(4.1) 創造 30
(4.2) 形式 32
4.21 抽象與假像 32
4.22 有意義的形式與情感的形式 36
(4.3) 意味 39
【註釋】 44
第三章 對朗格符號論的批評與反省 54
第一節 前言 54
第二節 兩種符號的混淆-藝術符號與藝術「中」符號 56
第三節 呈顯性符號的邏輯基礎及其問題 62
(3.1) 「邏輯圖像說」模式 62
(3.2) 「邏輯圖像說」模式的問題 67
3.21 「對應」問題 67
3.22 「同構」問題 69
第四節 論述性符號與呈顯性符號之區別---藝術符號的語意學及其問題 73
(4.1) 「連續性地」與「並時性地」 73
4.11 符號的結構 74
4.12 對符號的認識 77
(4.2) 語言的特性與藝術的特性 79
(4.3) 「外延」與「內涵」的問題 85
4.31 反對「藝術品是符號」的觀點 85
4.32 支持「藝術品是符號」的觀點 90
第五節 從「符號」到「表現性形式」 93
【註釋】 98
第四章 結論 109
§1. 重點回顧 109
§2. 研究成果與限制 111
【註釋】 115
Reference 一 西文參考書目
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B 期刊
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